Building Your Pool

Building a New Pool or SPA

1) Decide what you want
Discuss with friends and relatives who own pools about their experiences involving colour, size, location, equipment, finishes, landscaping, building and maintenance time, and any problems they had involving the construction of their pool/spa.

Review the websites of some swimming pool and spa builders and installers to find examples of styles and designs that appeal to you. SPASA's list of members provides links to SPASA's members' websites. SPASA's swimming pool builder members are listed here and swimming pool installer members are listed here. 

2) Choose a builder
Comparison shop; talk to a number of builders about your requirements and what they have to offer you. Arrange for them to inspect your chosen site. Ask for a written quotation. What warranties and insurances are provided?

Is the builder licensed to build a pool in Queensland? 
Do a Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) licence check on the builder. The QBCC's online licence search is free, easy to use and informative. Go to or alternatively call them on 139 333.

Is the builder experienced?
Ask the builder for addresses of pools they have constructed so you can inspect them.

Does the builder have a good reputation? 
Ask the builder for contact details of several previous customers. When you contact the customers ask them how they feel about their pool building experience.

Is the builder a SPASA member? 
View SPASA's List of Members. What are the benefits of using a SPASA member to build your swimming pool or spa? Find out here.

The Quotation

SPASA suggests that you discuss your requirements in detail with the builder to ensure that the quoted price is the "Full Price", and that the following items are considered:

- the nominated "datum" or fixed reference point, and the nominated height of the pool in relation to that "datum"; 
- shape, position, interior lining, size and depth of the pool; 
- costs of excavation, including the transport and hire of plant, tipping fees and travel fees for removal of excess soil; 
- the number and type of inlets, skimmer boxes and drains that will be required; 
- the type of filtration required - its capacity and the positioning of the equipment; and
- accessories such as underwater lights, cleaners, ladders and handrails, etc. 

The quotation should also state whether the costs include backwash line, sewer connection, gas/electric line from meter to heater, service diversions, council fees, removal and/or replacement of fences, tip fees, piering or rock excavation.

Before you accept a quote or sign a contract:

- read all materials provided; 
- ensure that you understand your responsibilities, the contractor's responsibilities and exactly what work is included for fencing, landscaping, pool surrounds etc; 
- ensure that all of the salesperson's promises are clearly stated in the contract; 
- check with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission to ensure that your builder is currently licensed; and 
- check the list of SPASA members or contact SPASA to ensure that your builder is a current member. 

The Contract

SPASA recommends that you use a written contract designed specifically to cover the supply and construction of a swimming pool in Queensland. 

The contract should cover details such as physical dimensions, shape, size, water depth, interior finish, type of filtration and access, the progress payment schedule, when payments are due, and what payments specifically cover unforeseen events such as encountering rock during excavation, wet weather and warranties of the pool and associated equipment.

SPASA contracts, designed specifically for use in Queensland and available only through SPASA members, are in simple english to help both the customer and the pool builder. 

Go to SPASA's Contract Checklist

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