Types of Pools

Which type of Pool should I choose?

Above Ground Pools

An above ground pool can cost significantly less than an in-ground pool. Yet, the benefits are the same, fun for all the family. They can even be used by families who do not own their own home and want to take it with them later. Above ground pools vary in size from wading pools for children to adult sized.

There can be a major saving in labour on some sites and soil removal costs in using an above ground pool, as some are specially engineered to be partially or fully installed in the ground.

Generally, above ground pools are prefabricated, making installation quick and easy. The main requirement is to carefully prepare an absolutely level site for the pool. Some above ground pools have vinyl liners whilst others are composite fibreglass and both offer a range of colours and surface finishes.

Composite Fibreglass Pools

Composite fibreglass pools have taken a great leap forward in popularity due to the introduction of space age technology.

Today’s composite fibreglass pool not only offers an amazing range of shapes and sizes, but an equally impressive selection of colours and finishes to suit personal preferences and the setting in which the pool will be installed. Some manufacturers also offer the incorporation of a spa or water feature into the design.

One of the attractions of composite fibreglass pools is their short installation time, and the ease of installation on sites with difficult access via crane.

Composite fibreglass pools are pre-manufactured and customised to exacting conditions. This means you can shop around for the pools of your choice and know precisely what you’ll get in terms of size, shape and colour.

Concrete Pools

The oldest type of pool construction, concrete pools, were built and used by the ancient Romans. Many of these pools still exist, and a number of them in amazingly good condition.

As with all in-ground pools, construction/installation begins with the excavation, which for concrete can be any size or shape to suit the site and preference of the owner.

Being virtually “handmade” in the back yard, a free-form concrete pool can be any shape that takes your fancy, with varying depths or beach entries.

Concrete construction has the combination of concrete and steel to give the structure its design strength, and can be finished with natural pebble, coloured quartz, vinyl, ceramic tiles or a number of many and varied internal linings.

Vinyl-Lined Pools

Advances in vinyl-liner techniques have made this type of installation increasingly popular for use with other pool construction (above ground pools and renovations of older pools), as the vinyl liner can be pre-manufactured and tailor-made specifically for the host structure. The vinyl membrane is vacuum fitted to the exact shape to provide a smooth, tough, resilient hard wearing lining. There is plenty of scope for individually in the size, shape and colour (including patterns).