Why Choose a SPASA Member

Pool Professionals You Can Trust

SPASA Members are in the business of:

  • creating lifestyle solutions, with a swimming pool or spa designed for every situation and
  • caring for your pool and protecting the health and safety of those who use it.

Benefits of Using a SPASA Member

  • SPASA Members can offer clients access to AB Phillips' My Multi-Mortgage(c) to refinance their home loan, saving thousands of dollars and potentially paying for or significantly subsidising a quality swimming pool construction. Save on Your Mortgage and Splash Out.
  • Only SPASA Members can provide a "SPASA Approved" contract, which complies with state legislation to protect consumers when building, installing or renovating pools and spas. 
  • New swimming pool construction is covered under the Queensland Home Warranty Scheme, which is administered by the Queensland Building & Construction Commission. For more information on this essential consumer protection insurance talk to your licensed SPASA pool building member
  • SPASA Members have access to technical training and educational programmes designed to ensure their construction staff performs with technical excellence.
  • In the event of a dispute, members have access to SPASA's consumer mediation process.  Alternatively, the QBCC offers an Early Dispute Resolution service in which a qualified building inspector assists the parties to reach a solution. This usually avoids costly and traumatic litigation. 
  • Members must perform all work in accordance with Industry and Government Standards, and meet all legal requirements. In addition, they agree to abide by the Association's Rules and By-Laws, including a strict Code of Ethics, in the conduct of their businesses. 
  • Members have access to the latest technology and trade information sources from Australia and overseas. SPASA's helpful office staff are qualified and competent to appropriately refer, or assist consumers when called upon.
  • To be considered for membership, a business must provide evidence of their QBCC licence, competent trading, skills assessment and adequate public liability insurance to ensure consumer protection.
  • Prior to acceptance as a SPASA member, a competent committee of peers assesses each applicant's business acumen, professionalism, consumer relations and trade skills. 

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